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Spring 2.5 released

Posted on 11/20/07.

It's finally there, and with quite a handful of impressive new features, too. I especially like the new configuration options and the way you can actually do something vaguely similar to rapid prototyping even in the Java Enterprise world now. In my humble opinion, annotation-based controllers go a long way towards establishing Spring MVC as a viable web framework alternative. Being a huge fan of Stripes' "configuration-less" approach, I see some convergence here.

I also appreciate the efford that has gone into obtaining WebSphere certification for Spring 2.5, as lack of server vendor support can - at least with the clients I usually work for - still be an exclusion criterion.

So, to put it in a nutshell: Congratulations on this release to everybody at SpringSource and thanks for the awesome job you're doing there.

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